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2022 CMS PFS Proposed Rules


Although ACC national will be submitting comments, members may also submit individual comments directly to CMS by September 13, 2021

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Summer COVID-19 Education Series

This free Summer COVID-19 Education Series will virtually bring clinicians together each week to address topics ranging from clinical trial research to heart failure management in the COVID-19 era. The Education Series will kick off next Saturday, June 6 and include a plenary from U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD, and focused sessions on topics ranging from PPE to clinician well-being. Learn more and plan to attend.


Occupational Work Letter Template

COVID-19 work letter 4.16.20

“Is it safe for me to go back to work?”

This article from the New England Journal of Medicine details risk stratification for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Edward Fry, MD, FACC, from Indianapolis, IN; Abhinav Goyal, MD, MHS, FACC, from Atlanta, GA; Martha Gulati, MD, FACC, from Phoenix, AZ; Samuel Jones, MD, MPH, FACC, from Chattanooga, TN; and Athena Poppas, MD, FACC, from Providence, RI, discuss the challenges and approaches to safely resuming the full range of cardiovascular services. Watch the videos to hear how they are preparing for addressing the needs of patients and health care workers, delivering care in novel ways that incorporate social distancing and masking as well as good communication and shared decision-making, being resilient to adjust as circumstances change, and partnering with local public health officials


  1. MCDPH: Healthcare provider PPE update (below and attached)
  2. CDC webinar: Optimizing Healthcare personal PPE
  3. Telehealth: CMS Booklet & Telehealth Resource Center Webinar

Frequently review changing recommendations for Healthcare Providers:

Free wellness resources for your teams.

These are apps that are used for mindfulness and meditation, which may sound hokey to some, but is vitally important in times like this when we’re stressed.  they have very short options – 1-3 minute exercises – that are great to do midday or pre-sleep.

State Legislature and Health Department Response to COVID-19:


  • The legislature has not proposed pursue emergency /urgent legislation to support clinicians such as telemedicine licensing and Good Samaritan/Disaster liability reform at this time.
  • The budget process is unfolding a bit faster due to the COVID-19, so we should know soon of legislation immediately beneficial to clinicians.
  • March 17 the AZ House approved a rule change to allow up to six members to vote without being physically present.

COVID-19 Resources

Sign Up for ACC “Microvolunteer” Opportunities

There are a lot of big ways to get involved with the College—being on a Section Leadership Council, participating on a taskforce or committee, or serving as faculty for a live course, to name a few. We know, though, that not everyone has the time for some of these larger-scale commitments. That’s why the ACC is excited to announce the launch of our Microvolunteering Platform. Sign up to be among the first to learn about quick-hit opportunities to get engaged in areas such as Advocacy, Communications, Education, Networking and Science. Your involvement, at whatever level, makes the College a stronger organization.

Congratulations to our 2020 Poster Competition Winners!

Basic Science: Jessika Iwanski, MD

Clinical Research: Michael Liu, MD

CVT: Kristin Babb, PA-C

Clinical Decision: Yuxiang (George) Wang, MD


Our Arizona Chapter Mission

The College’s Mission: to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health,
Vision: to reflect a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes.
Core Values:

  • Patient-Centered
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Professionalism and Excellence

The ACC is THE Professional Home for Cardiovascular Specialists and the Care Team.
To represent YOU, the ACC is actively working on:

– Member Value & Engagement
– Purposeful Education
– Data, Information & Knowledge
– Transformation of Care
– Advocacy
– Population Health


The purpose of our Arizona Chapter
To contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and to ensure optimal quality of care for individuals with such diseases. In carrying out these purposes, the Chapter functions, in consultation with the leadership of the College, as a source of advice to local and state governmental and professional organizations concerning issues related to cardiovascular disease. The Chapter, in the interest of patients, physicians, and the public in general, maintains a high level of social consciousness and involvement with socioeconomic factors and access to the highest possible quality of cardiovascular health care.

Breaking News


US Chagas Screening

Leadership and the ACC: Developing leaders to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health

Thank you Louis Schwartzberg for creating this beautiful film in gratitude to Fellows of the American College of Cardiology (FACC’s) 

Matt Iseman talks American Ninja Warriors – of the heart

[August 3, 2016] Matt Iseman, American Ninja Warrior Host – and Licensed Physician – explains the importance of finding the right caregiver. When in need of a cardiologist, look for the initials F.A.C.C., which means the doctor is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. Iseman likes to call them ‘American Ninja Warriors – of the heart’. YouTube Video

Arizona Primary PCI Map

[January 2016] Check out this data to understand our current capabilities and status for your patients and referrals. View Arizona Primary PCI Map

William Shatner Thanks Cardiologists

[February 28, 2015] William Shatner owes his good health and being able to enjoy his active life to taking advice from good physicians, including his cardiologist. Please share any of the four versions with your friends. The :30, :60 and :90 min. videos are on the California Chapter YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/c/CaaccOrgchapter

“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”
– President Theodore Franklin Roosevelt, 1908

Submit Your Prior Authorization Data!

Having difficulties getting procedures approved? Yes! 

Please take a moment to tell us via ACC’s web-based prior authorization tool (PARTool)!

Do your PART to improve the prior authorization process by recording incorrectly denied or difficult requests through  ACC’s PARTool.

The data collected helps the College determine overall prior authorization and test substitution trends by insurer and better understand problematic areas of the process including time burdens, test substitution and peer-to-peer reviews.

The observed trends will be shared with insurers, vendors, state legislators and insurance officials to engage them in ACC’s efforts to reduce the burden of prior authorization and return attention to direct patient interaction.

Practices can submit through a simple online form at ACC.org/PARTool.


2017 Chapter Recognition Award For Achievement in WIC Member Engagement Awarded to the Arizona Chapter

2020 Poster Competition Winners

  • Basic Science: Jessika Iwanski, MD

  • Clinical Research: Michael Liu, MD

  • CVT: Kristin Babb, PA-C

  • Clinical Decision: Yuxiang (George) Wang, MD

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